We will pump your project to the moon


We always stay in touch! Real people will participate in your bounty, and their results will be carefully checked. Our community managers will be vigilant and loyal to the community, carefully motivating to invest in the project!
Potential clients see for the first this part of the company: Facebook or BitcoinTalk, Twitter or Reddit - they must show yours in the right light! At this point of contact the potential clients decide what to do next: stay with you or leave forever! That's exactly why you need to have active social networks, in which potential clients will appeal to the buyers and become part of your community!
Unlike other PR companies, we use only high-quality accounts with high ranks on Bitcointalk - Jr. Member, Member, Full Member, Sr. Member and with a large number of subscribers, posts, reposts, photos (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit ). You will receive smart comments that will remain forever quality advertising of your project and will always provoke other people to engage in dialogue!
With us, your project will be remembered by people as an adequate and interesting, project in which they invest their time and money!
We will list your ICO on TOP trackers, list your token on exchanges or launch IEO


6% — this is the average share of investors engaged by trackers. We will list your ICO on 40 TOP trackers with attendance reaching ~30 million people per month.
We will manage telegram groups and chats


It's very important and necessary to produce knowledge and interest around a project and upcoming ICO and to provide ample information about a project, working version of a product (if it exists already), investors and team. The main point is to be here right now: to answer the questions, to comment, to operate with the feedback. We propose several variants for 1 month:
Full development and management of the Bounty Campaign


Give the tasks to the community and pay with your tokens. Tokens - is the main resource what project have during ICO. The task can be different: support your SMM, making self content, even to sell tokens. Managing and controlling is the most routine job during the whole campaign: fulfill numerous tables and forms and of course argue for each token. Don’t forget – until ICO reaches SoftCap, token is just a promise and with the exception of team, only bounties believe in in it.
Full development and management of the Bounty Campaign


Your topics, threads, chats always will be on TOP and will always be filled with lively conversations and discussions. The right questions you need will be asked and the right answers will be given
We will increase activity in social media


Social media is one of the most effective means to drive converting traffic to your site and drive revenues. Hundreds and thousands of followers, likes, shares, comments, views will get your social pages, groups and channels.
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We create outstanding content and offer its continuous placement on trending crypto and fintech media outlets

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